Apartment 89m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Apartment 89m in “Primorsky Quarter”

The clients saw the layout of the apartment they had bought on the website of Primorsky Quarter and contacted us, the authors of this section. The request was to turn a three-bedroom apartment in a tower building into a four-bedroom apartment: a common room, a bedroom and two children’s rooms. Where to get another room for a child in such a situation?

One idea we have used more than once is to get an extra room at the expense of the kitchen by moving the kitchen to another location. Here we get help from the hallway, which needs to be reduced and optimized, as well as the standard, which allows the corridors to have a so-called kitchen niche.

Miraculous transformation added another room and included in the work of 22 square meters, which is about 4 million rubles at current prices, and absolutely legal – the reconstruction is agreed with the relevant department of the Primorsky district authorities. As always, we used the entire area of the apartment as efficiently as possible!

After the reconstruction:

– Reduced redundant hallway. Part of the hall is given to the kitchen niche.
– Hallway flows into common area.
– Bathrooms and closets enlarged.
– Kitchen-dining room and living room combined – comfortable and spacious!
– Bedroom with desk, large bathroom, walk-in closet and space for a toddler.
– At the expense of part of the kitchen is an additional children’s room with a window and balcony.

The authors:

Fedor Mironov
Daniyar Gainullin