Apartment 71m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Apartment 71m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Reconstruction and interior design of a 71 m² three-room apartment for a family of three in the Primorsky Kvartal residential complex, St. Petersburg. The clients were faced with the challenge of accommodating a bedroom and children’s room within a small overall footprint, but without sacrificing a full kitchen-dining-living area.

Analysis of the original layout revealed

– There is no master bedroom. The living room is a bedroom. Owners have no private space.
– Lack of a utility room – coat closet.
– Excessive bathroom area.
– Separate bathroom, no toilet in the bathroom, which in addition to the inconvenience causes more walking through the hallway.
– Narrow 90 cm wide hallway.
– Instead of a common, multifunctional space, the family is forced to gather in the small kitchen or living room-bedroom.
– The layout provokes constant walking from the living room to the kitchen and back, past the children’s room, across a narrow 90 cm wide corridor three meters long.
– There is 8.5 m² of unused space in the hallway, 12% of the total floor area.

Design Solution:

– We diagonally divided the 19.6 m² room, joined the balconies (workspaces) and obtained the required private spaces: a small but cozy bedroom of 11.4 m² and an ergonomic children’s room of 8.9 m², with a workspace instead of a loggia.
– Since the bedroom is too small to accommodate wardrobes, a walk-in closet was created as part of the bedroom’s private space.
– A large 25.3 m² kitchen/dining area was designed to replace part of the hallway and children’s area. An unused 2.4 m² hallway was brought back to life and incorporated into the large kitchen/dining area.
– The vestibule was given an appropriate size of 4.9 m², a logical, natural and comfortable connection to the living room and a pleasant view of it.
– A second guest/children’s bathroom of 1.7 m² and a storage/dressing room of 3.4 m² at the entrance have been planned.


Fedor Mironov
Alexander Krylov