Irina Demyanko

The website of the architect Mironov’s studio has a lot of interesting layouts. That was the starting point for us. Fedor proposed the best redesign, which we could not refuse. We could not even think of such a solution. And we ordered a design project for the apartment.
I really enjoyed working with this man – a master of his craft, a professional. Always in touch, never forgets the client. If you need advice, he will always help. Thanks to his team for accuracy and efficiency. We will recommend him!

20 Feb 2023

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Renat Valiev

I would like to thank Fyodor Mironov’s studio for the interior design! I didn’t expect that such practical layout solutions could be implemented in the prefabricated walls.
My wife’s and my expectations regarding the colors and materials used in the project were fully met.
The project is well done and the final renderings made it easier to get an accurate idea of the future apartment. The process of working on the design project was easy, comfortable and enjoyable.
It was important for us to get an interesting idea of what the apartment should look like and how it should be decorated in the same style. We are very satisfied with the final result!

The design-project cover

11 Jan 2023

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Mila Ryzhkova

In August we ordered a design project with reconstruction in the studio of architect Mironov. All communication was done remotely, but this did not affect the final result. Each stage of the project was discussed in detail. There were developed 2 options of reconstruction, where a studio apartment becomes a two-room apartment. Then we worked on the design of the apartment. When finished, the detailed drawings are left for the builders. We are very thankful and happy!

23 Dec 2022

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Andrei Cherepanov

After buying an apartment and visual inspection, there was a question about the rational use of all the square meters. The apartment looked bigger on the plan, but in reality it surprised us, to say the least. We contacted the studio of architect Mironov. After meeting us at the construction site, Fedor listened to our wishes. He immediately showed us what could be done with our meters. We signed the contract and the work started. I would like to say that we live in another city and all our joint work was done at a distance. Fedor is a professional. Every detail was discussed: what, where and what color. As a result, we got a design that was even better than what we had planned. It should be noted that Fedor suggested several options for redesign. We definitely recommend Fedor. We made the first step and now we have to bring this beauty to life. We hope for further cooperation.

20 Nov 2022

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Denis Ivanov

We ordered a complete design project from the studio of architect Mironov. The main criteria were: legal reconstruction with the possibility of obtaining a new technical plan, a large kitchen-living room, two full bathrooms with showers, three rooms. Fedor listened carefully to all our wishes. As a result, we were offered two reconstruction options, one of which was a master bedroom with its own bathroom! We had never imagined such options. Next came the painstaking work of creating the interior we wanted. We have to hand it to Fedor, he always patiently listened to our sometimes fussy wishes and “wants”, answered boring questions, sometimes offered advice and the most rational solutions. As a result, we got a design of a dream apartment. Absolutely right – we did not make a mistake in choosing this studio. We definitely recommend them. We’re pleased with it!

06 Oct 2022

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Alexei Nikolaev

I approached Fedor Mironov last year with a request to work out possibilities of space optimization in an apartment with legal reconstruction.
The joint work on the design project and working drawings took about half a year (3-bedroom apartment).
Throughout the development, Fedor is always personally in touch, without transferring the issues to other employees. He works through the emerging issues from the client’s perspective, and not as it would be easier to do.
All in all, I got very positive emotions from the process and its results!

01 Oct 2022

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We contacted Fedor Mironov for advice on redesigning the apartment. We looked at all the options and really liked the one Mironov suggested.) We had never considered such a possibility before. As a result, we managed to turn a three-room apartment into a Euro-three.

24 Mar 2021

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Vasily Sytikov

Fedor is a real professional and easily explained that our “desires” for redevelopment were absolutely not in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory documents and immediately offered a solution. I have to admit that before the consultation I had some doubts about the necessity of it, but in less than an hour all doubts were removed). Especially since our property development turned out to be quite satisfactory and only needed some minor changes.

13 Mar 2021
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Lubov Ivanova

Yesterday we had a personal consultation with Fedor. The purpose of the meeting: to understand the possibilities of the apartment reconstruction. It turned out to be not as easy as we thought. Fedor explained very clearly the features of our layout and approval of changes. As a result, we got (!) a reconstruction option that meets our needs and does not contradict the standards. Thank you, Fedor!

12 Mar 2021

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Tatiana Tarasova

Good evening everyone! I would like to thank you for the meeting on Saturday – it was very interesting and useful in terms of concrete applied recommendations for space optimization! It was very inspiring and gives me hope that many things are possible! )))) This information is especially valuable at the stage of choosing an apartment.

24 Jan 2017

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Denis Yakovlev

Good afternoon. Thank you for the fascinating talk on Saturday, January 21st. 👍👍👍👏👏👏
It was very interesting and informative to look at the usual flat layouts from a completely new angle. It introduced me and my wife to simple, but very important from a practical point of view, aspects of space planning. It’s a shame we didn’t have the chance to learn this information before we bought the place 🙂 We not only enjoyed the course, we got a real kick out of it.
Not only did we enjoy the pleasant conversation, but we also gained inspiration to create something special in our home.

22 Jan 2017

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Natalia Shornikova

It was a pleasure to attend Fedor Mironov’s lecture on Saturday – thank you for such important information, presented in such a simple way!
Having seen on real examples how much more effective the use of space can be with a competent approach, I would like to participate with great interest in the proposed action.

16 Jan 2017

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