Entrance Hall in Primorsky Quarter Residential Compleх

Entrance Hall in Primorsky Quarter Residential Compleх

Interior design of entrance areas of apartment buildings in the Primorsky Kvartal residential complex, St. Petersburg. The completed project is the winner of the most prestigious annual independent professional award for architects and designers ADD AWARDS 2021.

The developers Megalit and Okhta-Group had the task to create a new design of comfort class reception areas in the residential complex Primorsky Quarter without changing the existing plans. Our idea is that an intuitive path to the elevators will clearly indicate the right direction to each visitor. It will also prevent residents from getting lost on their way home, no matter what condition they are in.

A universal solution is to “cut through” the corridor with a bold navigation line along the floor and ceiling. This line visually divides the hallway into the main route and secondary spaces (waiting area, mailboxes, wheelchair access and concierge). By using wood-look porcelain stoneware, marbled finishes and graphic black, we were able to make the front spaces both inviting and stylish.

The authors:

Fedor Mironov
Vusalya Kazimova

With the participation:

Anastasia Bergman