Apartment 90m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Apartment 90m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Redevelopment and design of a four-bedroom flat, 90 m2, Primorsky Kvartal residential complex in St. Petersburg.

The situation is quite standard – a family with two children, but with the original layout of the apartment there is clearly not enough room for everyone. If you leave it as it is, you have to choose: either one room for two children of different ages and a small bedroom with no storage space, or two children’s rooms, but no full master bedroom.

But there is a third option – a remodel that can fit it all in!

You may have noticed that at the heart of the home is an underutilized resource – a huge, bloated 17.4 m2 hallway that takes up 20% of the home. These are the meters we can count on for the so-called niche kitchens. According to the regulations, the niche kitchen must be at least 5 m2 in size and have natural light. A niche kitchen includes a sink and stove, and should be located in hallways, corridors and other wet areas. Cupboards, a refrigerator and other kitchen equipment are not included in the normative definition of a kitchen, so they can be placed above a living room.

We took advantage of this norm to divide the hall diagonally and to connect the excess meters to the central room, which has now become the living-dining room with the kitchen niche. With this solution, we are sure to use the area of the former kitchen as an additional nursery! Of course, it will not become a living room, but no one will forbid its use at your discretion. Also, note how big the bedroom is now (15.5 м2) with different zones and a walk-in closet. As a result, the clients got an extra room and a much more comfortable apartment in general.

The authors:

Fyodor Mironov
Tatiana Titova