Hotel With a Store in Rostov-on-Don

Hotel With a Store in Rostov-on-Don

The client was given the task to closely connect the new object to an existing building in pseudo-classical style (Larina Street, Rostov-on-Don). The main purpose of both buildings is hotel. The ground floor of the new building will be a bicycle and motorcycle equipment store.

In order to avoid a stylistic conflict with the adjacent building, we deliberately separated the new volume from the existing one with a stained-glass window covering the space of the shop. In the conditions of reconstruction, the second level of the store was organized on the second floor of the existing building (by extending the window openings to the floor level in several rooms adjacent to the side facade). Thus, the shop area appeared on the second floor, in the center of the building, connected to the first floor by a staircase in a double-light space, solving the problem of adjacency of the two buildings.

On the floor above, the rooms of both buildings open onto a covered courtyard facing the square.

Fedor Mironov

With participation:
Nikolai Kostenko