Apartment 95m on Petrovsky Island

Apartment 95m on Petrovsky Island

Reconstruction and design of a a three-room apartment for a family on Petrovsky Island in St. Petersburg. The area of the object is 95 m².

After the redesign, the apartment has a spacious multifunctional space of 42 m², which combines the kitchen, dining room and living room, ideal for family gatherings and entertaining guests. Although the living room and kitchen are in the same space, they do not overlap or interfere with each other. The unnecessary hallway, closed from daylight, is eliminated. There are two closets and a storage room, the bathrooms are optimized. The bedroom, which has a loggia, bathroom and dressing room, has gained the autonomy of an “apartment within an apartment”. A workplace is organized on the loggia.

The interior of the open-plan common area is designed in the loft style with its characteristic features:

– The play of textures of concrete, masonry, wood, leather;
– Glazed shelves built into the wall;
– Pendants on chains, with long wires, a loft-style chandelier, light spots on the bar, repeating the perimeter of the ceiling, giving the possibility to distribute additional light;
– Table island with a slab top that fully preserves the texture of the wood;
– Bar counter;
– Wooden “blinds”;
– L-shaped leather sofa;
– Porcelain stoneware parquet on the floor.


Fyodor Mironov
Vusalya Kazimov
Yaroslav Serdyuk