Apartment 150m in “Vasilyevsky Kvartal”

Apartment 150m in “Vasilyevsky Kvartal”

Project of reconstruction and design of an apartment in Vasilievsky Kvartal residential complex, St. Petersburg, for a family with two children (boy 10 years old, girl 17 years old). The total area of the object is 150 m2.

The apartment refers to the type of apartment with free layout, space with a minimum or complete absence of internal partitions, with a minimum of load-bearing supports. It seems that 150 square meters of free space – do what you want, but!

If you look at the original layout, we see a very strange, devoid of common sense design solution.
First, the apartment has two paired, which means as many as 4 bathrooms!
One of the bathrooms, together with the adjacent wall of the kitchen, is so “well located” that it does not take advantage of free planning, we can say, blocks all opportunities to develop space in the apartment.
It is wedged in the middle of the apartment.
It is literally “across the way” from the entrance (hallway) to the back of the apartment.
Together with the kitchen wall, it forms a narrow and traumatic corridor, where tenants have to dodge doors.
It separates the kitchen from the living room and from the rest of the apartment. The way to and from the kitchen turns into two long detours. One is 12 meters long, the second, alternative, too long, but in addition goes through the “dirty area” of the hallway. And you have to go around it and give it extra space!
So, in addition to the comfort and harmony of Feng Shui, this monster this bathroom took away from the tenants as much as 20 square meters!

After the redesign.

“Wet zone” of closets and corridor, built by the neighbor below, gave us the opportunity to change things for the better.
The bathroom, blocking the center of the apartment, creating narrow traumatic corridors, stealing 20 m2 of usable space around itself, is now maximally shifted to the left, freeing space of free passage between the hallway and the rest of the apartment.

The apartment has four rooms.

– Multifunctional common room for the whole family 55.31 m2 – kitchen, dining room, living room, TV room. The kitchen has its own separate space.
– Parents’ bedroom 19.21 m2, with private bathroom 6.23 m2 and study 7.14 m2.
– Children’s room 17.92 m2.
– Bedroom of the eldest daughter 30.1 m2.
– Bathroom 4.19 m2.
– Spacious hall 6.77 m2, with a nice view of the living room and dressing room 2.93 m2 at the entrance.


Fedor Mironov, Maria Arshanskaya, Alina Filimonova, Nikolai Kostenko