Shopping center with aquapark and hotel on the Gulf of Finland

Shopping center with aquapark and hotel on the Gulf of Finland

The development has its own unique features. First of all, there are historic buildings in the “Northern Modern” style, a 30-year-old lime avenue, and one of the most important and attractive features – access to the waters of the Gulf of Finland. All these factors influenced the design decisions. The complex consists of two spatial formations united into one and is designed as a landscape architecture inscribed in the historical context of the park traditions of the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

Shopping mall

The first functional group is a shopping and entertainment complex with underground parking for 230 cars, cinemas, bowling under the roof. The part of the complex facing the street and the entrance area is filled with small shops, restaurants and cafes, beauty salons. In the depth of the complex there is a long building with large supermarkets. In between is an alley of lime trees, which has become the main pedestrian street leading visitors from the bus stop through the complex to the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

The long building of the complex is covered from the top with a roller coaster with a special year-round coating, and on the top of the hill there is a cafe and a rental shop for skis, sleds and tubing (cheesecakes). The open terraces of the cafeterias in the entertainment and play area give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape with sea views and watch the skiers from the artificial slope.

Aquapark and hotel

The second part of the building is an artificial hill that gently descends to a flat park, in the style of Versailles, in the center of which there is a historical building that has been transformed into an authentic restaurant. Inside the hill that frames the park, there is an aquapark with spa and fitness center, and it is crowned by a hotel complex with 70 types of rooms with conference rooms and galleries for corporate events, exhibitions and weddings. There are also terraces available only to the guests of the apartments. The promenade runs along the entire central part of the building hill, climbs to the top of the hill with a chute for riding cheesecakes and goes down to the bay to the marina.

The area saturated with landscaping will allow to hold various holidays and events, open-air concerts, at the same time leaving additional space for a comfortable stay both in the family circle and in a noisy company.

Thus, the project solves one of the most important tasks for the area – a contextual, careful attitude to the history of the place, its architecture and landscape, meeting the needs of citizens, using modern construction methods and technologies, with an expressive architectural and plastic component.


Fedor Mironov

With participation:

Maria Shershneva, Nikolai Kostenko, Alexei Gorbunov, Dmitry Dmitriev, Petr Pakshin, Dmitry Prokahin, Alexander Losev, Ivan Rosenstein, Leonid Belyaev, Evgenia Ryzhkova, Natalya Sheveleva

St. Petersburg, 2012