Bicycle Shop at The Mega-Dybenko Mall Parking Area

Bicycle Shop at The Mega-Dybenko Mall Parking Area

We continued to decorate the parking lots of mega-malls in St. Petersburg with original projects of small architectural forms, modular pavilions for selling bicycles. The first pavilion was installed at Parnas, and now it’s the turn of Mega-Dybenko.

Strict design constraints – a small rectangular area (14.5 x 6 m) is allocated for the pavilion – and the wish of the customer, the Bikes & Bikes chain, to place the maximum number of bicycles in the sales point, determined the optimal solution.

With three structural solutions, we have more than doubled the display area of the goods while remaining within the allocated space.

1 – Placing the bikes at a 45° angle to the floor. The aisle becomes larger, 2.4 m, and product visibility is better.
2 – Double the exposure with a second level and position the level at a 45° angle, improving the visibility of the products on both levels, above and below. The structural solution to display bicycles at 45° also dictated the shape of the pavilion enclosures. The body of the pavilion has the shape of a hexagon in the vertical section, with sloping side walls. The façade and the entrance are of the show window type, fully glazed, and we solve the problem of lighting the sales area and advertising tasks.
3 – Elevation of the pavilion above the ground by 1 m on “legs” – supports, increased the number of exposed bicycles by 50%. Inclined walls allow to get closer to the exposition and protect it from direct precipitation.


Fyodor Mironov

With participation:

Nikolai Kostenko, Mikhail Fedorov, Yuri Ivanov