Bicycle Shop at Mega-Parnas Parking Lot

Bicycle Shop at Mega-Parnas Parking Lot

Project of a modular pavilion for the chain of bicycle shops “Bikes & Bikes”. The pavilion is located in the parking lot in front of the shopping center “Mega Parnas”, St. Petersburg. The structure is composed of 3 modular containers forming a trefoil with a triangular interior.

Inside the pavilion, the customer can easily see and roll out the bicycles, which are arranged on one or two levels around the perimeter of the containers. The side of the pavilion facing the Mega entrance has a sloping roof and a ramp on the outside. Underneath is a cash register and small merchandise. The ramp can be used to roll bicycles onto the roof of the store for summer shopping, and to test them on the descent and ascent by placing 2-3 small springboards. The ramp is also a handy tool for bike events that attract visitors. Artist Dmitry Trusov’s graffiti on the ramp serves as an additional factor in attracting customers.

The project was an attempt to get away from the obtrusive “orthogonality”, from the currently fashionable “cargo architecture”, by creating a developed interior space, using containers as auxiliary “walls-cabinets” and adding a variety of play opportunities.


Fedor Mironov


Maria Arshanskaya, Nikolai Kostenko, Mikhail Fedorov, Yuri Ivanov


Alina Filimonova