Apartment 92m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Apartment 92m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Redevelopment and interior design of a four-room apartment of 92 sq.m. in the residential complex “Primorsky Kvartal”, St. Petersburg, for a family with two children of different ages.

The clients approached our studio with a request to redesign the apartment in order to make it as comfortable as possible for them. The main desire of the clients was to create a cozy spacious living room-kitchen 24.3 m², where the whole family could gather and have guests. The project provided a large working surface of the kitchen 5.59 m², many cabinets and food storage areas, the availability of a variety of equipment for cooking favorite dishes.

In the bedroom 15.5 m² pantry-dressing room projected 2.6 m².

Children’s rooms 15.6 m² for girls and 13.1m for boys were designed according to the personal characteristics and interests of children. The room for a girl who likes to read a lot was designed with lots of bookshelves and a special space for immersion in reading. An electronic piano is built into the alcove and illuminated by additional light sources so that music lessons can continue in the evening. The boy’s room is equipped with a sports corner, as one of his main hobbies is sports.

It was also important to the clients to have two bathrooms with a shower in each, ample storage space, and a large number of light fixtures to provide maximum light in each room.

The interior design is made at the intersection of modern and Scandinavian styles, in a calm color scheme with a predominance of light colors.


Architect Fedor Mironov
Designer Natalia Streltsova