Apartment 109m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Apartment 109m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Redevelopment project and interior design of a four-room apartment of 109 sq.m. for a family of three in the residential complex “Primorsky Kvartal”, St. Petersburg.

The left part of the apartment is the common room and the bedroom with the parents’ bathroom. The right, almost autonomous part is completely given to the adult daughter – living room and bedroom with bathroom, loggia. Thus, the layout creates the possibility of joint and separate existence of two generations. The apartment has two wardrobes. The built-in furniture used in the interior (wall cupboards, shelves, linear kitchen niche set) made it possible to organize the space of the apartment more effectively.

The interior design of the apartment is in the Scandinavian style with elements of functional design. A good Scandinavian style is a mature, well-thought-out combination of convenience, family comfort and a sense of taste. The background of the color palette is a calm palette of light, pastel shades of beige. It is interspersed with transparent grays, natural terracotta, muted greens and blues. The interior is delicately dominated by the warm textures of natural woods, Scandinavian upholstery fabrics, draperies, rugs and light beige marble. In her daughter’s living room, a clean, white brick wall serves as a design element.

Lighting fully supports the color and texture components to create an overall atmosphere of benevolent calm and comfort. Background reflected light gently fills the entire space. A combination of directional and accent lighting is also used. Modern types of pendant chandeliers, built-in spot and modular fixtures, sconces and table lamps are used.

The authors:

Fyodor Mironov
Irina Shestopalova