United Trading System office

United Trading System office

The Russian-Swedish company “United Trading System” (ETS) is engaged in logistic transport, trade with industrial chemical components, as well as designing of easy-to-assemble structures from galvanized profiles. The company employs about 80 people.

Company office – reconstruction of an unfinished three-storey reinforced concrete frame building for industrial purposes (former textile factory). Thanks to the installation of a light lantern in the roof, after the reconstruction the building received an internal multi-luminous road.

Ground floor – warehouse, entrance for loading/unloading of goods and reception area.
Second floor – administrative, representative, with recreation (management, logistics department, budget department, accounting, server, dining room, gym, conference hall, reception, meeting room, management offices).
Third floor – departments on the principle of “open space”. Sales department, design department, management.


Fedor Mironov, Evgeny Khakhonin