Golf club “Mikhailovka”

Golf club “Mikhailovka”

Golf club “Mikhailovka – Peterhof Lakes Course” in Petrodvortsovy district of St. Petersburg will become the largest golf club in Russia, intended, among other things, for international competitions. On the area of about 130 hectares will be built: an 18-hole golf course, an apart-hotel, a clubhouse and a parking lot.

The golf club building will be located in front of the 1st, 9th and last 18 holes, facing them with a sloping green roof that will serve as a grandstand for spectators. Below the grandstand is a parking lot for 200 cars.

The lower, artificially created flat “French regular” park, located between the front of the clubhouse with the restaurant inside and the creek, faces in the opposite direction from the “English” hilly playing field. This park is intended for the recreation of club members and guests, as well as creating a beautiful view, referring to the atmosphere of the famous palaces and park ensembles located in this part of St. Petersburg.

The building with restaurants, sports and recreation complex, conference hall, gallery and club apartments is a “bridge” that functionally connects the golf course and the park.

Evgeny Mironov, Fedor Mironov
Miltiad Jorbenadze