Aster Office

Aster Office

Re-planning and interior design of the office of the companies “Aster” and “SVF Group”, dealing with suburban real estate and screw piles. The 200 m2 office is located in a business center, so the floors (the color and texture of the laminate) had to be kept in their original form. Bright colors in the interior are branded.

The central, largest office space is visually organized as an arcade. Between the colorful arches are workstations for managers and marketers. During seminars, the space becomes a conference room. The main task was to create an easily modifiable space with the possibility of almost instantaneous transition from work to training function, and such perimeter seating facilitates communication between employees – they can move freely to each other.

All spaces – from the elevator and the client area, to the director’s area are connected by the main path; this trail is made of artificial grass and, in addition to a hint of country life, performs a noise-absorbing function. Constantly changing, under the influence of St. Petersburg natural anomalies, a magnificent panoramic view of the city during the day and illuminated arches-portals reflected in the stained-glass window that go into black space at night, do not let employees get bored.


Fyodor Mironov

Nikolai Kostenko
Kristina Gasanova

A photo:

Alina Filimonova