Apartment 85m In Residential Complex “Yes”

Apartment 85m In Residential Complex “Yes”

Redevelopment and design of an apartment of 85 m2 in the residential complex “Yes”, St. Petersburg, for a family with two children (two boys).

Analysis of the original layout revealed

– A very cramped 21.7 m2, for a family of four, kitchen-dining room-living room.
– A bloated dark hallway of 11 m2.
– The common room is around the corner from the entrance group, accessed through a narrow hallway.
– The path from the entrance to the kitchen is about 9 meters, across the living room, and includes a 180-degree turn.
– The distance from the kitchen to the master bedroom is approximately 20 meters.

After remodeling:

– Kitchen-dining room, TV room moved to the center of the apartment.
– The total space in the center of the apartment became larger (30 m2 instead of 21.7), preserving and multiplying its potential multifunctional space kitchen-dining-living room, according to the principle of “open floor plan”. It is a meeting place for the whole family and for receiving guests. The room also has two windows, so it gets an abundance of daylight. The problematic, unused meters of the dark hallway were optimized and given to the living room.
– The distance from the hallway to the living room has been minimized. The hallway now has a logical connection and a good view of the living room, as well as access to the sun. It is no longer a compartment isolated from daylight.
– A huge walk-in closet was created in the parents’ bedroom.
– Instead of the unused and excessive space of the hallway, there is a bathroom in the parents’ bedroom.
– The children’s room has been enlarged by one meter.
– The children’s room is now closer to the kitchen.

The authors:

Fyodor Mironov
Maria Arshanskaya
Nikolay Kostenko

St. Petersburg, 2015