Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The name itself – Art Gallery – suggests a mode of existence in which movement (gallery) is seen as a transition from one object of attention to another. In this case, attention is focused on the picture.

Painting for me is primarily a personal act of experiencing the Whole in the space of the Self (as in a drop of water). Of course, a Picture is a “piece” of the Whole, cooked in a “pot” of one’s own Self. each picture is a “window” cut through by the artist’s unique self into the world of the Whole.

Louis Kahn defined “dark space” as a space illuminated enough to appear dark. There are no coordinates in the space of darkness. The first and only way to detect and fix in a dark space is a local light source. The source of light creates its own space, in which THIS “piece” of the Whole cooked in the “pot” of its own I is placed.

The picture is a look. The gaze is fixed and creative at the same time. The picture, as a space enclosed within specific boundaries and closed on itself, is indifferent to its position in space. Based on this, we can propose such a solution – the location of the picture will be determined by an individual light source. The qualities of a dark space will be determined by natural reflected light. An artificial light source has a very important property, namely, the constancy of light intensity and spectrum, which distinguishes it from natural lighting.

So, some of the provisions that formed the basis of the project:

  • a picture is a self-sufficient spatial value that has no outside coordinates (nothing connected with the outside world)
  • The painting must be illuminated – detected by its artificial light source.
  • A picture – an exhibit must have its own space calculated in accordance with the dimensions and other qualities.

Architect Evgeny Mironov
Rostov-on-Don, 2002