Apartment 99m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Apartment 99m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Interior design and redevelopment of a four-room apartment 99 m2 in the “Primorsky Kvartal” residential complex, St. Petersburg.

An analysis of the original layout revealed:

– Essentially, this 88 m2 flat is two symmetrical flats united into one by a small 90 cm wide aisle. Both units have huge, deep, unlit corridors.
– The 20.1 m2 corridor is an excessive, unused space, 22% of the total area.
– Very small 3.5 m2 master bathroom, no toilet provided in the guest bathroom. What is the convenience if the family is 3-4 people?
– The path from the children’s room to the toilet takes the entire length of the corridor – 9 m.
– The kitchen-dining room is 11.6 m2, very cramped for a family of 4, let alone guests.
– The living room is a meagre space, with a good size of 19.1 m2, limited only to watching television.
– Instead of a single, multifunctional space, the family is forced to be either in the small kitchen-dining room or the living room.
– One 15.7 m2 children’s room for two children. If the children are of different ages and genders, there is a pressing need for a second child’s room.

After remodelling:

– Reduced redundant hallway, enlarged bathrooms and cloakrooms, part of hallway given to kitchen niche.
– The hallway flows into the common space.
– Dining room and living room combined – convenient and spacious, 26.8 m2!
– A bedroom with a workplace, a large bathroom, large wardrobes.
– The kitchen has created a second children’s room!

Engaging the corridor for the kitchen niche, we got another room and in total returned to the owners in the useful use of as much as 22 square meters, which equals 8,800,000 rubles at 2021 prices.


Fedor Mironov
Natalia Streltsova