Apartment 92m in the residential complex “Oficersky”

Apartment 92m in the residential complex “Oficersky”

Project of redevelopment and interior design of 92 m2 three-room apartment in the residential complex “Officersky”, St. Petersburg.

Analysis of the original layout

– The kitchen-dining room is separated from the living room. This creates a narrow and bloated corridor, as it generates additional movement from the kitchen to the room.
– The bloated hallway is 20 m2, which is 25% of the total area of the apartment. It’s not just wasted space, it’s a space of potential problems and discomfort.
– Ventilation ducts in the kitchen do not allow you to make an ergonomic kitchen front without “bouncing”.
– The tapering part of the hallway at the entrance to the bedroom is uncomfortable and potentially traumatic.
– A narrow and long hallway past the bathtub into the bedroom. This is one of the most awkward places in the home, cutting off the bedroom from the rest of the home.
– The distance from the entrance to the bedroom is about 10 meters! At the same time, halfway around the corner, the traumatic corner of the bathroom is wedged in, and in the narrowest part it can be completely blocked by the open door to the bathroom.

A total of 20 misused square meters were found. This is 24% of the apartment, or 3,000,000 rubles (equiv. 78,000 $) at 2014 prices. In addition, there is an extremely narrow (80 cm), traumatic corridor through which there is a risk of being hit on the nose by a suddenly opened bathroom door.

After the remodelling

– The bathroom has been moved into the previously empty hallway area. The entry hallway now has an optimal size for its role and functional load. Instead of the former bathroom and narrow hallway, there is a full dressing room with natural light.
– Now the common and private areas have become two separate parts of a single whole. They are connected by an entrance and arranged as two complete apartments!
– The private spaces now include a walk-in closet with a window and a bathroom, a bedroom and a study. They are separated by sliding walls, with the possibility of changing the space in different ways according to the family’s needs (visiting guests, turning the study into a nursery).
– The 32-square-meter open-plan kitchen and dining area is now flooded with light and separated from the hall by transparent partitions.
– The kitchen front was moved to correct a dead end with unsuccessful vent boxes. It is now long and straight!

Twenty square meters, 24% of the apartment, have been brought back to life.


Fedor Mironov
Olga Chut