Apartment 70m in “Paradny Kvartal”

Apartment 70m in “Paradny Kvartal”

Author’s redevelopment of a three-room apartment for a bachelor in the residential complex “Paradny Kvartal”, St. Petersburg. The total area of the object is 70 m2.
The client needs another room – a children’s room, but there is only a huge dark hall in the center of the apartment…

Analysis of the original layout

– The kitchen-dining room is separated from the living room. This creates a route from the kitchen to the room and back, and as a result, the corridor becomes bloated.
– Large living room of 20 m2, with a minimum of activity in it.
– Traumatic corner of the guest toilet. To get to the living room, you have to go around the corner of it, which increases the daily indoor route and makes it unnatural.
– The view from the entrance is directly to the bathroom.
– The kitchen is far from the entrance.


14.8 unused square meters = 20% of the apartment area = 2,200,000 rubles

A huge, dark hallway, comparable in size to a real nursery!

After redesign

– At the expense of the released square meters appeared nursery / office area of 14 m2.
– A 4.8 m2 bathroom was organized in place of the unused, bloated hallway.
– The movement and view from the entrance is directed towards the light.
– According to the principle of “open floor plan”, a common space has been created that combines the functions of kitchen, dining room, living room and TV room. The room has an optimal area of 28 m2. This large and spacious space is located in the center of the apartment, between the bedroom and the children’s room.

In fact, the client has increased the usable area of his home by 20%.

The authors:

Fyodor Mironov
Maria Arshanskaya
Nikolay Kostenko