Museum-reserve “Tanais”

Museum-reserve “Tanais”

The project of complex reconstruction of the largest in Russia archaeological reserve museum “Tanais” (Rostov region) was developed by architects E.I. Mironov, V.N. Golovin, V.S. Alekseev and S.V. Klizhov in 1982-83.

The main purpose of reconstruction was to transform the museum-reserve into a modern cultural, tourist and research center. On the area of more than three thousand hectares there are historical monuments of the Paleolithic period, the times of ancient culture, architectural monuments of the 19th century. The plan was to create a unified architectural and landscape ensemble, including an excavation, a museum and storage building, an archaeologists’ village, restoration workshops, a restaurant and a railway station.

In 1984 the project was awarded a first prize in the competition of the best projects of the Union of Architects of Russia and a special diploma of the Union of Architects of the USSR. However, despite such a favorable response, the project was never realized.


E.I. Mironov, V.N. Golovin, V.S. Alekseev, S.V. Klizhov