Construction Hypermarket

Construction Hypermarket

Project of construction of a hypermarket at the entrance to the city of Kingisepp, Leningrad region.

The basic design idea of the location of this shopping complex on the site – turning the entire volume of structures hypermarket main advertising facade at an angle of 45 degrees to the direction of vehicular traffic from Kingisepp, thereby creating an entrance parking lot for 56 cars. The facade of the building has a large enough space for signage, visible from afar, so that customers can easily find the store.

Pedestrian walkways between the parked cars lead visitors into the interior of the semicircular checkout area.
Here, a fan-like gallery of shelves opens before them, with an internal boulevard along it, illuminated by overhead strip lighting. The radial arrangement of the retail equipment provides the clearest possible view of the layout and availability of goods, as well as a full understanding of the shopper’s route and the logic of movement within the store.

In addition to the radial arrangement of the shelves inside the supermarket, a rounded back wall creates a rear service yard and a turning movement along the wall for trucks that enter here to load and unload large building materials, as well as the loading docks of the hypermarket building. In the back yard there are also storage areas for bulk materials, metal profiles, cold storage, storage of goods and materials for landscaping. From the street side of the auxiliary yard there is a closed exhibition pavilion, which closes the outline of the shopping complex.


Fyodor Mironov

Miltiad Jorbenadze