Apartment 43m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Apartment 43m in “Primorsky Quarter”

Design-project with redevelopment of apartment 43 m² from one-room to two-room, “Primorsky Kvartal” residential complex, St. Petersburg. The clients – a young couple with the desire to get the maximum out of their one-room apartment, and ideally have a full bedroom.

First of all, for the sake of illustration, we will try the best way to arrange the furniture in the old layout, according to the principle “leave it as it is, do not change anything and try to live in what you bought” (see plans).

Then, after a planning analysis, we identified an 8 m² corridor. 8 m² of semi-dark, unused, uninhabitable space. Our vocation is to turn bad into good, unnecessary and harmful into useful and necessary! For us, the corridor is a treasure with great potential. After the renovation, a small miracle happened: the excessive size of the hallway was magically transformed into a bedroom.

The result of working with the space of the apartment:

  • The “extra” 8 square meters (= 1,000,000 rubles in 2020, equiv. 12 000 $) were returned to the client and are now being used to their full potential!
  • The one-room apartment is now a spacious, functional Euro-double apartment.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Yes, you can legitimize a kitchen niche.
  • The sewage pipe of 5 cm diameter from the kitchen sink to the riser is laid in the screed and the floor does not need to be lifted. This is confirmed by the calculation in the project documentation and by the contractors who will do the work.

The authors:

Fedor Mironov
Daniyar Gainullin