Apartment 141m in residential complex “Lumiere”

Apartment 141m in residential complex “Lumiere”

Project of redevelopment and interior design of 141 m² apartment in the residential complex “Lumiere”, St. Petersburg for a family with two children.

The analysis revealed the main drawbacks of the original layout.

– The entrance to the apartment in the original version did not allow to fully develop the space of the apartment.
– Excessively large hallway-entrance hall of 21 m². It is a huge space in the center of the apartment, deprived of natural light sources. A hallway of this size, with an area equal to a decent room, is devoid of any functional or even aesthetic necessity.
– Total lack of storage space.

After remodeling.

– A large common room of 46.17 m² is designed with an open floor plan. The room combines the functions of kitchen, dining room, living room and TV room. The room also has access to the loggia and is seamlessly connected to the hallway without any barriers. The kitchen-dining area has a round dining table and an island table. The resting area, the television room, has its own separate corner and does not intersect with the activity spaces or the apartment routes.
– The children’s rooms (19.64 and 19.30 m²) have been given the autonomy of an “apartment within an apartment”, connected to the hall, the bathroom and the entrance. Between the children’s rooms there is a sliding wall that opens or closes the common play area.
– The master bedroom of 22.96 m² is also a self-contained “apartment within an apartment” and has an entrance through the common room.
– There are two dressing rooms, a private 3.17 m² in the bedroom and a shared 2.85 m² in the hallway.
– The interior is designed in a classic style.

To sum up, the new design solution of relocating the entrance and the diagonal development of the overall layout of the apartment has distributed the previously unused square meters to the important zones. The clear and balanced division of common and private areas has completely eliminated a possible disadvantage of barrier-free “open floor plans” – the spread of noise. The self-contained bedroom and children’s areas have an additional soundproofing buffer from the bathroom and dressing room areas.


Fyodor Mironov

Design and visualization:

Olga Chut